“What I hear I forget, what I see I remember, what I do I understand.” -Xunzi


The Interactive Driver Education System is an innovative training programme that engages learner drivers through an interactive learning process to improve comprehension and information retention while developing driver awareness and ability.


iDes Learner’s License


Get your learner's license with ease

From road signs to driver’s responsibilities, the IDES Learner’s training programme covers all the theoretical knowledge necessary to excel at the Learners’ License test.


Narrated animations bring the subject matter to life and help take the mystery out of driving regulations and maneuvers while exercises, quizzes and printable progress reports help you gauge your understanding and document your learning.


When you think you’ve mastered the material, test yourself using a Learners’ Licence assessment based on the actual tests given at SA License Testing Centres!


iDes K53


iDes puts you in the driver's seat

You’ve successfully obtained your Leaner’s Licence and you’re ready to get behind the wheel!  With the IDES K53 driving simulator and personal instructor you get the reward of learning to drive without any of the risk or stress.


The computer based training programme helps you become acquainted with car controls, mirrors, and practical driving procedure. 


Once you’ve successfully completed your training, take a spin in the driving simulator to fine-tune your new skills both on and off the highway. 


Nervous about the driver’s test?  Master the yard test so you can walk into the testing centre with confidence!


Printable assessments allow you to track your progress during training and simulation and highlight areas for improvement so that your time in the driver’s seat can be both safe and successful.